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A Few Reasons Why Fridges Fail To Turn On After Being Transported?

After moving a fridge, especially to a different location, you might notice that it is not turning on. Troublesome isn’t it? Well, there are various reasons why this happens and today, we will be explaining them to you. So, if you are curious about refrigerator operations or conducting research on how to keep them well-maintained, this is the right discussion for you.

Before we begin, we want to make this clear that if you are in Campbelltown, Bankstown, Abbotsford or any other Sydney suburb, you will need to call in the technicians near you to fix this particular problem in your fridge.

The Lubricant Might Be Leaking

If your refrigerator wasn’t aligned in the upright position, the lubricants in the compressor might start leaking.

This is the major cause why many fridges fail to start, and as you can clearly see, to fix this issue, you will need to book an appointment with a technician providing fridge repairs in Campbelltown or the Sydney suburb where you are situated.

Disconnection of a Component

Though a very common cause, this is one of the reasons why a refrigerator might fail to start after you plug it in.

Disconnection of a part can occur when and if the fridge is not handled properly by the movers. Also, extreme positional variance during moving and collisions can also lead to parts becoming loose or getting disconnected fully.

Broken Condenser Fan

Even if the condenser fan is broken, a fridge can start. But due to its lack of functioning, the temperature of the freezer will rise leading to the overheating of the compressor. Therefore, often, you might face the issue where the refrigerator has started normally, but after a few hours, it fails to start.

In this scenario, the only thing that you need to do is to call technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Bankstown or the Sydney suburb where you are located since they will replace the broken condenser fan with a new one.

Damaged Electrical Connections 

During the transport, loosening of electrical connections can lead to your refrigerator not starting as usual. Therefore, a technician will need to re-establish these connections one by one so that the appliance can start again. So, after you reach your new location, it is recommended that you get your fridge checked by technicians before starting it again.

The Capacitor Was Damaged During the Transport

Your fridge might fail to start if the capacitor is damaged.

This is the instrument that delivers power to the compressor. Naturally, if the capacitor is defective or was damaged during the transport, you will need to call technicians carrying out fridge repairs in Abbotsford or the Sydney suburb where you are based to resolve the issue.

The Power Outlet Is Different

Even though the power outlet in your new location looks the same, if it cannot deliver the ampere that your fridge requires, the latter will not start.

Thus, you should get all the electrical sockets in your new location checked by an electrician before you plug in the fridge or other appliances.

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