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Easy-to-Fix Issues in Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

After a marathon search for the best-in-class refrigerator, you have finally settled on Fisher & Paykel Fridge expecting it to be the perfect fit to serve all your needs at a reasonable budget! Indeed you have made a wise choice, but there’s hardly any appliance which can run uninterruptedly for years without undergoing natural wear and tear or technical defects at some point in time. Like any other branded refrigerator, you may come across technical glitches with your Fisher & Paykel Fridge but that doesn’t necessarily call for a brand new replacement. You can make your appliance functional in a jiffy with some tried-and-tested fixes offered by the experts of Commercial Fridge Repairs.

Here’s a list of some common issues with Fisher & Paykel Fridge along with it’s easy and affordable fixes.

Issues Probable Reasons Solution

Door seal not working.

Seal is broken or distorted.

You can get a brand new door seal but most of the time a simple wash and realignment of the seal is sufficient to resolve the issue.

The Fan is not working.

Clogged coils.

Clean the fan blades and spin it to check if the fan runs.

Dust & debris stuck in the condenser fan.

Plug in the refrigerator and ensure the fan runs as and when the compressor starts.

The fridge is too cold and is freezing items in the crisper and fridge. The fridge thermostat is not responding.

Temperature imbalance inside the refrigerator.

Raise the temperature using the internal control panel.

Food placed directly in front of air outlets.

Place items evenly inside the appliance to improve air circulation.

Irregular defrosting of the refrigerator.

Defrost your appliance regularly to improve the work efficiency.

The fridge is having condensation on the edge of the freezer door and mould around the seal.

Moisture ingress inside refrigerator.

Defrost mechanism isn’t working properly.

Transferring hot food directly from stove to refrigerator.

Leaking door gasket.

Inspect the gasket for blackening caused by mould.

Replace the broken door gasket with a new one.

Control the timing of door openings.

Motor running abruptly in the Fisher and Paykel fridge.

Temperature balance is low.

Door not sealing properly.

Minimise lid openings to allow stable temperature.

Check temperature control section.

Check whether the gaskets are clean.

Ice accumulation inside the freezer.

Freezer door is loose.

Organise items in freezer.

Check the door gasket seal and clean it.

Regardless of how much you splurge on a brand new refrigerator model, technical glitches are common with any electrical appliance and Fisher & Paykel Fridge is no exception. But the good news is our trained and highly skilled professionals of Commercial Fridge Repairs can fix intricate issues with state-of-the-art equipment and restore your appliance to normal working mode in a jiffy!

Our tried-and-tested fixes coupled with high-end skill set and acumen can improve the work efficiency of your appliance and make your Fisher & Paykel Fridge perform uninterruptedly for years! Call us today and schedule an appointment at the lowest market quote now!!!