Why is Your Fridge Way Too Warm? A Few Plausible Causes

Now that we are approaching summer, you got to be cautious about your refrigerator. You need to overhaul it, to ensure it doesn’t give in midway into the long summer months. You need to take a hard look at your fridge to see if there is any issue – major or minor to fix. If you find that your refrigerator is not cooling the way it needs to, that’s surely an issue that you mustn’t ignore. You must call our experts to have a hard look at it. Commercial Fridge Repairs is home to some of the most qualified experts who will address the issue and come up with some spotless fridge repairs, to ensure you get uninterrupted service from your fridge all throughout the summer.

Now coming back to the problem, there might be several reasons why your fridge is not cooling to its potential.

The Temperature Setting May Have Been Bumped

If you have not adjusted the temperature, then it might be that someone has bumped into a somewhat warmer setting inadvertently and that has caused this fiasco. If so, you are saved from whatever it takes to solve the issue and the problem can be fixed in a jiffy with some resetting of the temperature.

The Circulation Vent Has Been Blocked Somehow

This is another trivial reasons, which apparently is caused by the improper placement of foodstuff, which has somehow blocked the outlets of the circulation vents. If so, just rearranging the content of the fridge will settle the issue. If however, the problem persists even after that rearrangement,  then it ought to be a case of clogged circulation vents and it will need the intervention of the pros who are into fridge repairs in Wetherill Park or elsewhere, depending upon your location, provided that it falls within our service area.

Not Enough Content in the Fridge

This is a scenario that is just opposite the previous one and is perfectly normal. The modern fridge is designed to conserve energy and hence if there is not enough foodstuff in your fridge, it will not function to its potential and you do not have to worry about it. So if you find your empty, new Maytag fridge not cooling enough, there is no need of summoning our techies for any Maytag fridge repairs whatsoever. If you want to solve this problem, just place a few gallons of water in pots and jugs and put them in the fridge. That will give something to the fridge to cool and you will get your desired chill.

The Gasket Seal Might Have Gone Old or Dirty or Both

If this is the case, it is a serious one and needs immediate professional intervention.  Check the gasket of your fridge. Fridges of yesteryear’s used to have old rubber gaskets that tend to dry out with time and use,  and twist, harden and then crack, leaving enough outlet for the escape of chill from the interiors and entry of warmer air from outside. You can try to solve the issue by wiping down the gasket thoroughly and then lining it with a slim coating of petroleum to see if that works. If not, contact the fridge repairing professionals in Kingswood or wherever you stay. They will come up at the earliest and change it for you and ensure that you do not face the trouble for quite a long period to come.

Besides, your fridge might refuse to cool down enough, if the compressor coils get too dusty and you have various component problems. Thus, it will be wise if you have your fridge thoroughly checked and overhauled if needed, before the onset of this summer. To fix an appointment with our techies at Commercial Fridge Repairs call us at 0452 525 914 NOW!!