Fridge Water Filter Replace
How Frequently Should You Replace Your Maytag Fridge Water Filter?

Refrigerator is the heart of a kitchen and simplifies our lifestyle if maintained in top-notch condition. DIY refrigerator maintenance may be simple but the after-effects can be significant. For instance, when you forget to replace the water filter of your Maytag refrigerator, you will start experiencing performance issues such as slowing down of dispenser, musty odour and a foul taste in your stored food items. These are nothing but clear indications that your Maytag fridge needs an immediate water filter replacement. 

How Often Should You Change Maytag Water Filter?

Clean water and improved ice maker performance are imperative if you have invested in a pricey Maytag refrigerator. However, with time and use, the water filter of your refrigerator may degrade in performance and give recurring troubles. Technicians offering fridge repairs in Penrith usually recommend replacing the water filter after every 6 months to ensure uninterrupted performance of the appliance. However, with improved efficiency and functioning, you may find it necessary to change it at frequent intervals to ensure purest form of water.

Telltale Signs Your Maytag Water Filter Has Gone Bad

If you are dealing with a Maytag refrigerator, you need to inspect the water filter at frequent intervals to ensure it’s smooth functioning. Water filters play a major role in the refrigeration system and any technical failure can result in foul taste of ice cubes and water. When this happens, you need to hire Maytag fridge repairs to replace the filter without delay. Below are some other symptoms that your water filtration system needs replacement.

  • Low water dispenser pressure
  • Refrigerator won’t make ice

Easy Steps to Replace the Faulty Water Filter of Your Maytag Refrigerator

Replacing the water filtration system of your Maytag refrigerator requires professional skills and expertise. If you aren’t a pro, you can hire experts offering fridge repairs in Wetherill Park who can execute the task with care and precision.

Replacing Top Right Corner Filter

  • At first, locate the filter at the top right corner of your refrigerator.
  • Twist the filters anticlockwise and then pull. 
  • Line up the new filters with grooves, insert them and twist clockwise.
  • Lift the filter upwards to lock it.
  • Allow 4 gallons of water to run through the line and disconnect water to flush the new filter before usage.

Replacing Base Grill Filter

  • At first, locate the filter in the front of the base grille.
  • Twist the cap anticlockwise to align the handle vertically and then pull out straight.
  • Remove the filter cap and set aside
  • Disconnect the faulty filter.
  • Remove the protective covering of the new filter and slide the cap on the newly installed filter.
  • Rotate the cap clockwise until it locks horizontally in place.
  • Allow 4 gallons of water to run through the line and disconnect water to flush the new filter.

Dealing with a Faulty Refrigerator? Dial Us

Refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in a household and technical malfunctions are bound to happen over time.  Whether you are coming across broken thermostat, condenser issues, faulty ice maker or leakage, our technicians at Commercial Fridge Repairs can fix intricate faults with accuracy and precision and restore your appliance to its former glory with quality fridge repairs in Wetherill Park & Penrith. Speak to our qualified technicians if you are dealing with a faulty appliance and enhance the work efficiency of your Maytag refrigerator in the coming years.