is your fridge making everything freeze
Is Your Fridge Making Everything Freeze? 5 Reasons That State Why

The milk bottle, vegetables, water bottle – everything kept inside your fridge is freezing. What is happening? Why is your fridge freezing everything? This is one of the frequent problems that almost every fridge owner faces. And such a problem needs immediate solutions.

Do you know the reason behind it? Well, if you do not know the reasons, then go through the lines given below to know the reasons…

Temperature Of The Thermostat Has Risen Up

A high temperature of the thermostat is a reason why a fridge freezes everything stored in it. Majority of the people fail to notice this as the mark in the thermostat knob present in the fridge erases with time. It is the most common reason that affects the cooling of your fridge.

There Is A Leakage In The Gasket

Gasket portion is situated inside the door of your refrigerator, which seals the compartment so that no exchange of heat takes place between the internal side of the fridge and the environment of your room. However, if the gasket leaks, then it can lead to constant functioning of your fridge, which will cause freezing of all your stored food. In such cases, it is better to opt for professional fridge repairs in Sydney to get the leak repaired immediately.

The Coils Are Dirty

You will find coils inside and outside of the refrigerator referred to as evaporator coils and condenser coils, respectively. These coils are exchanging medium between the fluid of the fridge and its surroundings. If the coils get dirty and covered with dust, then the fridge functions harder to sustain the freezing temperature that is set, and this leads to excess cooling. Hence, it is better to clean the coils often to prevent such problems.

The Thermostat Is Defective

A faulty thermostat is another reason for overcooling of your fridge. A thermostat is devised in a way that it will stop automatically after a refrigerator reaches the set temperature. This allows for keeping the temperature fixed. However, due to a dispute in thermostat, its control on temperature can be lost, which will lead to overcooling the products stored inside the fridge. It is best to repair the faulty thermostat as soon as possible with the help of proficient fridge repairs.

There Is A Dispute In The Damper

Being a fridge owner, you might be aware of a damper. And if you are not, then you must know that is an assembly that controls the amount of cool air getting inside the fridge from your freezer. A dispute in the damper can lead to the flowing of excess air into the fridge compartment making the temperature fall.

Thus, these are the causes of overcooling of your fridge that can freeze your stored products. Make sure to hire professional fridge repairing service immediately to fix the disputes once and for all.

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