are rfrigerator safe
Are Refrigerators Safe? Here Are a Few Safety Concerns to Look After

Fridge and freezer work 24/7 and 365 days in a year. And, compared to other electrical appliances, the fridge is one on which we rely the most. This means, with even simple problems, it can hamper the functionality and even add on to your electric bill. However, apart from the functionality, the unsafe use of fridge and unhygienic kitchen setup can pose some dangers.

However, many people fail to realise the dangers that refrigerators pose upon improper use. Here are a few things you should stay aware of-

Fire Hazards: Just like other electrical appliances, it can pose a fire hazard if not appropriately maintained. To minimise the risk, the owner must exercise some extreme caution when moving the fridge. According to our fridge repairs in Mosman, make sure you don’t accidentally set the appliance on its own power cord during relocation. A fridge that is set on its own cord can easily damage wire’s protective coating and spark the fire.

Another potential fire hazard happens when water pools inside the unit and that seeps into the electrical system. Hence, professionals recommend the fridge owners to be aware of such potential dangers and keep checking the fridge condition from time to time.

Dangers Related to Children: Bulky fridges are dangerous for children who don’t even realise the damage from such a huge appliance. With improper use, the fridge can trip over them. For example, if the children want to climb on or try to hang from the fridge door, it can cause inadequate balance distribution, and it trips over. To avoid such a situation, the fridge repair professionals in Penrithrecommend monitoring children activity around such huge appliances.

Dangers From Improper Disposal: When the refrigerator owner fails to dispose of their exhaust appliance, it becomes harmful for both the human and environment. According to the report produced by the EPA, refrigerators contain an assortment of chemicals and compound that is not ecologically friendly. There are a number of compounds used in refrigerator include HCFC and HFC. These gases deplete the ozone layer and provide a long-term impact over the environment. If these chemicals and compound get mixed with groundwater, it can affect the populations that live around those water sources. According to fridge repair professionals in Blacktown, the fridge owners must dispose of their old appliances responsibly to make sure there will be no injury to habitats around the disposal area.

Hectic Removal: You may need to make some arrangements with local services to move your refrigerator. Based on the age and condition of your fridge, you can opt for a bounty program, where you have to pay the recycler to collect and recycle their old and inefficient refrigerator.

It’s a fact to know that older refrigerator contains a small amount of mercury and some old models use capacitors that include polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) these toxins need to be dealt with safety. And while buying a new refrigerator, remember there is a different refrigerator for different space. So, it’s important to weigh the similarities and differences while choosing a refrigerator.