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Why Refrigerator Monitoring System Picks Up Too Much Temperature Fluctuation?

Quite frequently, we come across people who complain about too much fluctuation of temperature picked up by the temperature monitoring system that they have installed.

Most of them are often confused by this and book service calls, summoning our techies to fix the issue. Based on what most of our technicians have to say after visiting our clients’ places, we have concluded that this happens mainly for 3 reasons. Let us discuss them one by one.

Frequent opening of the refrigerator door

The most common and the simplest reason behind too much fluctuation of temperature is frequent opening and closing of the doors. As and when this happens, almost immediately, the internal temperature of the refrigerator changes.

The modern electrical temperature monitors (ETM) are equipped with state of the art technology. This makes them responsive to even slightest fluctuation of temperature. The response time of the modern monitors is much faster and will display the random fluctuation of temperatures of even 2 to 5 degrees. The monitor will translate these jumps as a problem, which is not, in fact, the case.

Therefore, if you have by any chance opened and closed the fridge door frequently for a bit too long, you need not book a service call until you get more convincing sign to believe there is indeed a reason to summon a techie for fridge repairs in Liverpool. If you stop closing and opening the door, the fluctuation, in due course of time, is expected to mitigate if there is no other reason.

Cycling of the refrigerator Compressor

Another source of distinctive variation of refrigerator temperature is the normal compressor cycling that cools down the temperature.

Again, when the temperature that the thermometer displays is compared to the one that the ETM displays, the thermometer response time sometimes masks the actual fluctuation of temperature that takes place in the cabinet.

This cycling can be monitored by referring to the graph that displays the fluctuation of temperature versus time, which will show the periodic, regular change in the temperature. Now, it is up to the techies to find any abnormality in the reading to spot out if there is an issue with the refrigerator system, or the fluctuations are pretty normal.

At times, the monitoring system probe is placed too close to the evaporator coil or directly in the way of the air stream of the evaporator coil fan.

Now, these are not ideal locations to install the monitoring system. This is because they will experience the most acute change in the temperature, which does not always depict the true condition of the overall system.

In these cases, our techies providing fridge repairs in Castle Hill relocate the probe away from the evaporator coil or out of the way of the air stream for reducing such acute variation in the amplitude.

Electrical Noise in the monitoring system

This is the 3rd and final reason for temperature fluctuation. This can often be derived from the temperature-related data in the form of random ups and downs in the temperature over a very short span of time of only a few seconds or so. The most frequent reason behind this electrical noise is the presence of wires that emanate from the sensors.

These wires that carry electrical impulses run close to the cables that transmit the signals of the line voltage power for the devices or the motors. That is why, the temperature signal of the sensor at times induces the stray voltage, leading to that false reading of temperature fluctuation.

Therefore, to fix the issue, the techies conducting fridge repairs in Sydney carefully place the wires of the temperature fluctuation monitoring sensor as far away as possible from the wires that carry the AC power. They also use twisted-pair wiring or shielded wires. They also make sure that the shielded cable has a good earth connection, with the ground free from potential loops.

Therefore you see, whenever you find alarming fluctuations in temperature in the reading of the monitor display, you must summon a techie from a reputed company like Commercial Fridge Repairs, if it for any other reason other than frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator door.

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