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Why Does Water/Ice Cubes From My Refrigerator Taste SO BAD?

With summer on the brinks and temperatures rising slowly but surely, a cold glass of water from your fridge dispenser seems refreshing. The same applies to ice cubes which makes every drink or beverage enjoyable.

But, what if, the dispensed water/ice tastes and smells bad, and every time you consume it- you are left with a bad aftertaste!

If you’ve been on the receiving end of bad tasting water and ice for a few times (but remained ignorant till date), then “Commercial Fridge Repairs” can help! Specialising in all fridge repairs in Sydney CBD and other suburbs, our experts also explains those common reasons why your refrigerator ice/water tastes bad!

Reason #1:- “The Water Filter Is DIRTY…& Needs Changing.”

The first probable reason why your dispensed fridge water tastes indifferent is due to a dirty water filter. This is especially if you haven’t changed the water filter in a while.

The water filter is connected to your unit’s water dispenser, and if it gets worn out, it could filter out the existing minerals from your local water supply, thus causing it a weird taste.

As your trusted fridge repair and maintenance experts; we recommend you to replace your refrigerator water filter every 6-9 months depending on how frequent you use the water and ice dispenser.

Reason #2:- “Some Issues In The SUPPLY LINE.”

In some refrigerator models, the tube which transfers the water along, and the water reservoir is created of plastic. And with repeated use over a sustained period; the plastic absorbs the stale smell and transfers into the water- thus causing the indifferent after-taste.

Our technicians offering quality fridge repairs in Blacktown or Castle Hill will review your refrigerator and even replace the existing plastic tubing with a copper tubing. With that, they will also replace the reservoir (if the need arises) to ensure you get clean (tasteless and odourless) dispensed water every time.

Reason # 3:- “IMPROPER SEALED Food In Your Freezer.”

Your refrigerator water/ice may also taste and smell bad due to improper sealing of your food inside the freezer. Leaving your food exposed allows its odour to seep into your ice cubes/water, thus causing it to taste indifferent.

What we suggest is wrap all your stored food items such as fish, cheese, meat or even leftover meals like lasagna in a proper storage bag. This will prevent your ice or dispensed water from tasting weird.


In some instances, bad tasting and smelling water can also result due to an exceptionally dirty water valve. You could look to replace the filthy water valve to check if know if that’s causing the issue.

Our repair technicians believe that it’s not uncommon for chemicals and minerals to accumulate on the water valve with years of use. And that hampers your dispensed water/ice taste and smell.

If you intend to replace your dirty water valve; you can rely on our experienced and knowledgeable repairers to do it on the same day at reasonable rates.

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Now you know the main reasons why your dispensed fridge water or ice tastes funny on consumption. Follow these tips whenever necessary to ensure you prevent this common problem.

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