What Are The Tell-Tale Signs Of Gas Leakage From Your Refrigerator?

A typical refrigerator would cycle Freon through a contraction and expansion system. It is this mechanism that cools the interior of the fridge while warming up the exteriors of the unit.

Naturally, this mechanism needs a considerable proportion of Freon to be present at any given point in time. That is the reason when this all-important gas finds its way out of the fridge through any leakage, it gives rise to a series of issues.

If not addressed immediately, this may give rise to severe consequences and may render the refrigerator completely useless in due course of time.

That is the reason, as soon as you bump against any of these symptoms, you need to call us at Commercial Fridge Repairs for immediate technical assistance.

However, before that, you need to have a sound notion about the symptoms your fridge will return in the event of gas leakage.

Foodstuff Remaining Warm


Of course, at the absence of the refrigerant in the system, the appliance will not keep its content fresh and cool. The foodstuff will remain warm, even after being kept inside the fridge for hours.

The problem is that you may not start seeing the sign of foodstuff losing the chill immediately following the occurrence of the leakage. This is because the insulation layers inside the fridge will sustain the cold long enough to misguide you.

However, subsequently the temperature inside will start rising, and eventually, the foodstuff will rot overnight.

Thus, if you find that the foodstuff kept inside the fridge is getting rotten even if the appliance is running, you need to immediately contact a qualified technician who is experienced enough to provide fridge repairs in Bondi. It will help you save your fridge from further damage.



Freon that circulates inside the fridge is contained inside a closed system, which does not allow even traces of outside air to enter inside, or the gas to come out and get mixed with the outside air.

This is partly because that will hamper the cooling mechanism, and partly and more importantly because refrigerants such as Freon can cause serious health hazards when inhaled!

Inhaling the gas can lead to a series of medical conditions that may include headache, nausea, migraines, instances of fainting and the likes.

That is why refrigerators must be set up at well-ventilated places with a lot of outlets. However, if you develop any of these symptoms or all of them and it increases if you spend a sizable period close to your Maytag refrigerator, you need to immediately get in touch with a company that for Maytag fridge repairs. However, make sure that the company you opt for has the authority and license to fix Maytag fridge issues.

The Motor Constantly Keeps On Running


Every modern refrigerator is designed to activate the compressor and the condenser assembly when the thermostat detects the increase of temperature.

Now when this assembly gets activated, the Freon inside the fridge cools down the chambers and decreases the temperature to a level that is accepted by the system.

Thus, when the refrigerant starts to lose out, it will prevent the fridge from cooling down. This implies that the compressor and the condenser have to continually keep on working, even though the interior temperature does not cool.

So these are some of the tell-tale symptoms of your refrigerator losing out on Freon. Do not let things go out of your hand!

Call us today for fridge repairs inPyrmont. We at Commercial Fridge Repairs are home to some of the most experienced techies who will be able to address the issue and fix it at the earliest!