Why Inspection of Leaks and Seals Is so Important in the Maintenance of Fridge?

In one of our previous pages, we discussed a 9-point checklist to prevent frequent commercial fridge repair needs. Of all that is needed to be done to lessen the need for repair, perhaps the most neglected and the least-looked-after issue is the inspection of the leaks and seals. However, if the experts are to be believed, a great number of issues pop up for poor maintenance and inadequate inspection of seals and leaks. 

So let us discuss how to inspect them and make amends to prevent the fridge from malfunctioning. A timely inspection and maintenance of the leaks and seals will prevent major issues and costly repairs. That is the reason, you need to summon technicians of a reputed company that carries fridge repairs in St Marys or elsewhere, depending upon your location. What better name can you opt for than Commercial Fridge Repairs?

Inspecting the Door Seals or Gaskets 

Gaskets and seals that run along the rim of the refrigerator doors are made up of a vinyl material, along with a flexible magnetic strip that helps the gasket to stick to the fridge cabinet firmly, when the door is closed. This prevents the exchange of cool air inside the fridge and the air that is circulating in the room. However, due to accumulation of moisture along the door edge, the gasket along with the magnet strip gets damaged or distorted. When that happens, the gadget stiffens, loses its elasticity and even if you close the door of the fridge, the seal does not work. 

Quite expectedly, the resultant air leakage through the defective gasket will lead to the formation of too much moisture in the refrigerator, leading to defrosting issues along with potential water leakages. Thus, timely inspection and maintenance of the gasket seals will prevent more serious and costlier repair issues.  

Checking of the gasket involves detection of any discolouration, mould, or wear & tear, or missing chunks, or anything else that might prevent proper sealing of the door. Periodic inspections, proper amendments, and replacements (if required) are needed to keep the seal intact and prevent major issues.

Inspecting the Water Inlet Valve 

The water inlet valve is a solenoid-operated device, which connects the water supply of your home with your refrigerator if you have a water dispenser or an ice maker. When activated, the valve will reroute water to the dispenser from the supply line. 

However, if and when the valve develops leakage, it leads to accumulation of water puddles at the bottom of the fridge on the floor, and at times, even at the base of the fridge, where the vegetable tray is located. 

Thus, you need to carry out regular inspection of the valve to see if there is any distortion or leakage in the valve. Generally, an inspection of the valve is carried out by multimeter. A timely inspection will again save you from those costly fridge repairs in Abbotsford or elsewhere in Victoria. 

And then, there may be issues of leaks in the condenser as well as the evaporator, which may have extremely serious repercussions on the functionality of your fridge. But they are other stories that need to be discussed some other time. 

Thus, if you want to have the seals and leaks of your fridge to be inspected and repaired, call on 0452 525 914 to get in touch with our techies at Commercial Fridge Repairs.