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4 Principal Reasons That Can Cause Your Fridge to Trip Electricity

Instances with refrigerators that have tripped electricity are not very rare. Time and again, we have seen that fridges of various makes and models tripping power due to various reasons, causing inconvenience to households as well as commercial establishments. And remember, this has nothing to do with the manufacturers. We have seen appliances from the best companies like Westinghouse, Maytag, Fisher and Paykel tripping occasionally. Therefore, as a user of a commercial or domestic fridge you need to know the main reasons why fridges trip.

Faulty Compressor

A faulty compressor is one of the reasons why fridges trip electricity. However, a faulty compressor solely is generally not the culprit behind the phenomenon. It happens when there is an earthing issue with the faulty compressor. And this happens even if you have a fridge from a company as renowned as Fisher and Paykel. Thus, if you encounter any such phenomenon, you need to check the connections to find out the root cause behind the issue. However, we would suggest not checking things yourself, but summoning experts from a reputed company that has been providing Fisher and Paykel fridge repairs in and around Sydney for years.

A Malfunctioning Defrost Heater

The modern no-frost fridges come along with a defrost heater. The device defrosts the fridge and thwarts the formation of ice. Now if you find your fridge tripping off the power, it could be caused by an earth leakage of the defrost heater. You are to check all the connections of the defrost heater to find out the root cause behind the snag.

The experts from a fridge repair company in Sydney or elsewhere, depending upon your location, will do the same. The professional will open up the casing of the circuit board or the thermostat, unplug the wires of the defrost heater, and start the fridge. If the fridge works fine, then it’s surely a case of a malfunctioning defrost heater that needs to be changed.

On modern next-gen appliances like a refrigerator, unplugging the electric elements may compel them to get into a fault or safe mode. That means the refrigerator will not function any longer till that electrical element is not reconnected or restored. Thus, you need the intervention of trained techies, who would use alternate appliances and instruments in lieu of the connectivity.

A Faulty Fan

In the normal no-frost fridges, the fans are supposed to distribute cold air all around the fridge. Hence, in the event of a trip, the techies conducting fridge repairs in Kingswood will check the electrical wiring, and see if the fridge runs with the wires disconnected.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

At times an earth leak in the thermostat may cause the fridge to trip. Even though this particular issue is pretty rare, the techies would use their multi-meter to evaluate the probability of this phenomenon.

Therefore you see, it can be any one of these 4 reasons, which may cause your fridge trip electricity. Thus, you need to summon a techie from a quality fridge repair company to sort out and fix the issue. Get in touch with us at Commercial Fridge Repairs by dialing 0452 525 914.